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All the green and floral plants in our store undergo careful selection because we want our customers to be able to choose the beautiful plants they desire. We provide guidance to our customers on how to care for the plants they purchase, including the appropriate fertilizers, soil, and pots to complement each plant's needs.

Furthermore, we offer delivery services within the Johor Bahru area and mailing services to Peninsular Malaysia. When it comes to shipping, we take great care in packaging the plants and even provide photos of the packaged items to instill confidence and ensure a worry-free purchase for our customers.

Best Quality Product

Superior quality, exceeding industry standards and surpassing customer expectations

Plant Protection

Measures and practices undertaken to safeguard plants from various threats

Variety Plant

We offer a wide variety of plants, encompassing an extensive range of species, colors, and forms.

Who We Are

DL LIM GARDEN 新山花圃,我们在新山门市已经营了4年,我们在植物业已超过10年以上,为什么我们会坚持?因为热爱绿植生活。非常感谢大众多年的支持与厚爱,我们会努力为大众提供良好的服务。环境方面我们是有所要求,主要是干净舒服整齐。让来到的顾客们能在舒服的环境下观赏叶面植物和花卉植物。

DL LIM GARDEN located at Johor Bahru. We have been operating our store here for 4 years, and we have over 10 years of experience in the plant industry. Why do we persist? Because we love the green plant lifestyle. We are truly grateful for the continuous support and love from the public over the years, and we will strive to provide excellent service. We have certain requirements for the environment, mainly cleanliness, comfort, and tidiness. We want our customers to be able to enjoy leafy plants and flowers in a comfortable setting.

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